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i came up w. my -own- 10 things... - THE CLOCKTOWER SOCIETY

About i came up w. my -own- 10 things...

Previous Entry i came up w. my -own- 10 things... Oct. 15th, 2004 @ 05:58 pm Next Entry
what i wish all Utah mormons knew :

1. the amish are realesed when they are 16. they go into the cities and live in the world, and when they are 18, they can either choose to come back to the amish way of life or leave. not that i'm saying go move away from your family and what you know, but take a risk. find a reason for what you believe. if it means going inactive for a while and finding out how being active makes you feel vs. being inactive, or whtaever, do it.
2. don't get married young. as much as you may think you're in love; it's most likely a state of Euphoria, which will fade after a year of marriage when you're popping out a child, that will keep you up at all hours, and be more work than you ever could have imagined... and you realize your husband aint all the help he said he was going to be... and then going and doing this the typical 9x.
3. enjoy life while you have the chance. travel, see the world. learn what others believe. just because you learn about catholism or buddhism or judism, doesn't mean you have to convert. not all religions as eager as mormons/christians to convert the world.
4. please move outside of Utah for at least a year. Realize that backcoming your hair isn't fashionable in the rest of the 49 states. That good people with high morals can still drink/smoke. That not everyone who isn't mormon isn't a bad person.
5. tell your parents you're gay, and/or leaving the church. see what their reaction is... is that love? would "jesus" do what your family did?
6. women are just as intelligent and strong as men. they are capable of working outside the home. men can be just as nuturing. it is not biologically proven than women were made more nuturing. be riskful; work and have your spouse be the primary caretaker.
7. goto school. even if you never use your degree at least this way when you're childs in highschool algebra you can have some clue whats going on rather than saying "go ask your father!"
8. know that if you don't go on a mission (even if you're male) you're not a bad person. you're still able to be active and have a testimony. a mission is -not- for everyone, regardless of what your parents say and your bishop teaches... girls if you're 21 and not married, live it up!! you're still way young. don't feel pressured to go "just ecause you're 21!"
9.be careful of your actions/words. granted some "non-mormons" may have different values or outlooks than you; by shunning them or telling them you can't hang out w/ them because they aren't mormon is not a good example of your church. it will only make them look at your church with hate and hostility.
10. last but not least; when bearing your testimony please stop thanking your friends/family/ward members/tissues/relief society/etc. these things don't "save" you..
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Date:May 8th, 2005 12:53 pm (UTC)
hey, are you a mormon, if you aren't don't be offended by my question. I'd love to talk mormon or not, (i'm not a mormon) but hey, on my LJ i've done lots of writing explaining parts of the bible the mormons claim supports their religion.
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Date:August 2nd, 2005 01:15 pm (UTC)
Well said :) I'm not mormon but my boyfriend used to be. I've gotten really interested in Mormonism (not to convert) because it fascinates me how much stuff people really do blindly believe. At least with Christianity it's okay to ask questions and question what you believe. So, I like you're list :)
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Date:August 15th, 2005 09:37 pm (UTC)
wait. am i reading this correctly? are you from severna park?!
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