Announcing the Truth about God's Kingdom to the Cults

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cultevangelism or, The ClockTower Society is a peaceful resource for Christians to become well acquainted with the beliefs of Jehovah's Witness, Mormons, or any other Bible related cult, and a community where members can "bounce" evangelism/witnessing ideas off of each other.

It is also a place where people may ask questions regarding the doctrines of such religious organizations and receive an objective/critical comparison between them and the Bible.

In this community, to avoid "foolish controversies" we will have to agree to live on a certain principal which will help to dictate our conduct: Love God, and love one another! When dealing with many different doctrines, some being biblical and others not, it is easy to get carried away with divisive arguments, so while practicing the former command of love, please respectfully consider this proverb:
1. In Essentials: UNITY
2. In Non-Essentials: LIBERTY
3. In All Things: CHARITY

! Assaults will not be tolerated !

My name is Mark and I'll be the moderator for this community. My live journal is here: sliphornsolo and if you enjoy the preaching arts, then please help my other community come to life... homiletics101.

With all that said, may God bless you richly in your ministry to the cults!